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The Stiffmeister
Stiffle Quote's Of The Week!


Stiffler movie reviews! | Stiffle Quote's Of The Week! | Pics of King Stiffler Himself And Some Of His Followers!

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Polish my balls and serve me a milkshake
I'm gona hang out with my wang out, im gonna rock out with my cock out
I'm gonna get laid Finch-fucker
Ahhhh Cockblock!
Finch, fist yourself
How about you get a spoon, and eat my ass
I put the word out for high school chicks to come... Just cuz you fuckers dont have dicks doesnt make you right!
See, I told you he wanted to fuck me!

relax, take it slow, and let the good times roll!
Ladies, I have an 11 inch penis... Around.... Think about that!
Deck the halls, bye-bye great falls, wipe my ass and shave my balls! It's stiffler time baby!
I can taste the bubbles... actually I cant!
The people demand rubber dicks
Big blue dicks for everyone!
Finch: These are my kind of people
Stiffler: What, there gay?
Nova is back baby! And he's taken the lock off his cock!
Ohhhh... Jessica... Tell me my dick's as big as stiffler's!

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