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The Stiffmeister

Stiffler movie reviews! | Stiffle Quote's Of The Week! | Pics of King Stiffler Himself And Some Of His Followers!

Welcome to the home of the Stiffler! This is just a bunch of random stiffler shit! Please check back for updates on reviews of movies... Stiffler's Qoute of the Week..... And much more!

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The Land of the stiffmeister! Sir Stiffy.... Steven Stiffler... We know him as many names... but only one thing comes to mind when you hear any of them.... one word can describe him.... ASSHOLE... And we LOVE it... Ever minuet of his shit... From the clasic "Finch, fist yourself!" to the "Wax my ass and shave my balls, its stiffler time baby!" He never seases to amaze us. Be sure to check out everything... And send us your pics, or your stiffler quotes with your name, city and state if you want to be on here...

You can reach me with your pics and quotes at